Thursday, 14 June 2018

5 Minute Savory Vermicelli Recipe - Jhatpat Namkeen Seviyan Recipe

Hello foodies,

Sharing a super quick and easy recipe for those busy mornings, when you have to rush the kids to school and yourself to work, vermicelli is quiet a saviour. Takes simply no prep time and very less (5 minutes max) cooking time, it provides wholesome nutrition with the addition of veggies of your choice. Not only the rush morning hours, it comes as a saviour to tackle the hunger pangs striking in the evening before dinner time. I pack vermicelli in my kiddo's lunchbox with his favorite addition of paneer. 
The recipe is so versatile that you can customize it as per your family's taste by adding in veggies of your kids choice. A few vegetables which you can add are steamed peas, grated carrots, paneer, colorful capsicum, steamed green beans, steamed sweet corn etc. So, let's get cooking...

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Kiwi Coconut Water Popsicles - Nariyal Pani Lic Lollies Recipe - No cook Ice Lollies

Hello foodies,

Summers are here and I just can't seem to get enough of cooling popsicles this year. I have been trying various versions of these natural coolers. Today I am sharing a super easy, no cook, two ingredient, vegan popsicle recipe with you. Just requires fruit of your choice alonf with coconut water. I have used store bought coconut water but you can use natural as well. Simply assemble the fruit and coconut water in the popsicle mold, freeze, and enjoy the popsicle.

You can also use fruits of your choice, today I am using kiwi :). Do try these and let your kids enjoy the summers without worrying about preservatives/high sugar content in store bought ice creams. 

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Kaddu ki Sabzi - Indian style Pumpkin Recipe

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing a traditional recipe of pumpkin/kaddu with you all. Generally cooked during the festivities and eaten with pooris/bedmis this humble recipe has been my favorite since my childhood.  I have met two types of people, those who are in love with the kaddu/those who hate kaddu. I fall in the former category while my husband falls in the latter category. I had made this recipe recently and decided to share the same with you guys (hoping that some of you would be kaddu lovers). So, let's get cooking...

Friday, 25 May 2018

Crispy Poori - Crispy Puri - Deep Fried Indian Bread Recipe

Hello foodies,

Sharing my kids and most kids favorite recipe today, the simple poori/puffed flatbread.Made with wheat flour the poori is atmost an Indian junk food prepared at every auspicios occasion, during navratras, during marriages, birthdays, and the list goes on...

Simple to prepare but with the power to amp up any meal to a rich and special meal, poori is a humble variant of flatbread puffed up in hot oil and served with your choice of vegetables. So go ahead and follow the recipe to create the most basic of Indian junk food!

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Chana Dal Pulao - Chane ki Dal Wale Chawal - Chana Dal Pulav - Split Chickpeas Rice Recipe

Hello foodies,

In keeping with the hot climate, I am looking for foods which require minimal cooking and hence minimum time in the kitchen, are easy to prepare yet provide complete nutrition to the body. Pulao/pulav with the delicate blend of flavors and spices fits all the above requirements completely. You can include vegetables/lentils to increase the nutritional value of the same. Light on palette, easy to digest and quick to cook all make it a great and versatile recipe. Today I am sharing with you my recipe of chana dal pulao. It's a hit with my family and hopefully will be with yours too!

Thursday, 10 May 2018

Aam Nariyal Ice Cream - Mango Coconut Popsicle Recipe (No Cooking, No Preservative, No Added Sugar)

Hello foodies,

Summers are here and so are my experiments with the cooling popsicles. This year I am exploring more fruit based options with natural sugars to provide the nutrition of goodness of fruits without any side effects on body. Today I am sharing Mango Coconut Popsicle recipe with you. This super simple recipe utilizes the natural goodness of mango along with th creaminess of cocnut milk to give you a super healthy and super fresh popsicle. And no one misses the added sugar, believe me it's true. Just choose the sweetest mango from your kitchen and get going.
This is a good option to be enjoyed by kids, diabetics, and people looking to opt for more healthier options in their daily life! So let's go ahead and make this super simple no cook recipe which just takes 10 minutes of preparation time and gives you half a dozen cooling popsicles.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

No Cook Vegan Dates Coconut and Seed Energy Bites - Chia Pumpkin Melon Seed Date Laddoos Recipe

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing a guilt free dessert recipe for you. The recipe needs all plant based ingredients so it is good for vegans, diabetics and in general everyone. These energy bites are full loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and all good ingredients, which are good for your health and heart. With a multitude of benefits, why look for desserts with added sugar. Kids and oldies in my home enjoy these treats daily and usually I make a batch over the weekend, so that it could be enjoyed throughtout the week or whenever craving to eat something sweet strikes. The total time you would require to make this recipe would be a maximum of 15 minutes and this includes rolling of the energy bites as well. So what are we waiting for, let's get started with the recipe.