Thursday, 22 February 2018

Arhar Dal Pulao - Toor Dal Pulav - Split Pigeon Peas Rice Recipe

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing one of the simplest recipe in the world, the good old dal chawal, where they are cooked together. Yes you heard it right! Soak the dal and chawal together and cook it together just like you would cook any pulao/pulav and you are set! Takes minimal prep time and minimal cooking efforts, yet provides a sumptous meal when you are in a lazy mood. Perfect for lunches, you can spice up the dish by adding accompaniments like chutney/pickle/raita/fry-ems etc. So let's get started with the recipe...  

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Crispy Potato and Red Pepper Patty Burgers - Aloo Burger Recipe - Homemade Simple Burgers

Hello foodies,

First of all a big, big thank you to all my readers, for enabling me to post 50 recipes till now on my blog. More than anything else, this blog is the culmination of all the hours, days, and years I have spent in learning the nuances of cooking. So, a big thank you for all your support. It really means a lot!

Sharing another favorite breakfast/snack recipe of kids and youth alike. The homemade burgers. I have been making these ever since I started to learn cooking and started eating them even before the invasion of MacDonald's and Burger King's in our lives. Very simple recipe with the least amount of preparation, yet a crowd and party pleasing recipe, which never fails! so, let's start cooking...

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Paneer Pakode - Cottage Cheese Fritters - Homestyle Pakode

Hello foodies,

Winters and pakodas are almost synonymous in our home. So every weekend, we try to incorporate one or the other kind of fritters into our breakfast, be it a vegetable pakoda/bread pakoda. These pakodas/fritters are liked by old and young alike. You can make them for breakfast or for evening tea as per your preference. So, today let's make cottage cheese/paneer pakodas.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Peas Pulao - Matar Pulav - Matar Pulao Recipe

Hello foodies,

With the abundance of peas during the winter season, most of my recipes revolve around this sweet vegetable. Very popoluarwith kids and adults alike, peas pulao is a complete meal in itself when combined with spicy green chutney, some papad and some homemade curd. So, let's prepare this easy-peasy lunch/dinner meal in 15 minutes flat.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Indian Style Broccoli with Potatoes - Spicy Potato Broccoli Recipe

Hello foodies,

Sharing another Indianized recipe of a non so Indian vegetable, Broccoli. It tastes great with a little bit of spicier flavors and makes a great accompaniment with your lunch/dinner. Even kids love it as the Indian spices bring out another level of goodness in Broccoli. Do try and I am sure that your kids will enjoy the recipe just like you. You can increase or decrease the level of spiciness basis your preference as well. Hope you like the recipe!

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Indian Style Zucchini - Masala Zucchini - Spicy Zucchini Recipe

Hello foodies,


Wishing a very healthy and happy New Year to all my readers! I am beginning this year with a promise of more creativity, positivity and healthy living. Last year was a tough year for me on the personal front but has been a great learning experience. The year begone has not left me bitter and depressed but infused a sense of achievement and confidence in my abilities. So I am starting this year with loads of positive vibes for me as well as for you :)

Today's recipe is my Indianized version of Zucchini. I have cooked it with all the Indian spices and it did taste great. Hope you like it as well!