Saturday 15 October 2016

Jain Kadi Pakora - Kadi without Yogurt/Dahi

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing a recipe, which all of us have relished since our childhood, kadi, the yummy chickpea flour and yogurt combination, which tastes just divine with rice and pooris. However, there is a slight twist to the tale.

Jains are staunch supports of non-violence and they follow the same in all aspects of their life, from their actions to food. Being married in Jain community has shown me up to a variety of recipes with various twists to lessen the violence we inflict unknowingly onto even the smallest of organisms, which are invisible to us.

This recipe of kadi is prepared without yogurt in many Jain households (including mine), but tastes just as yummy! Many people we serve this to don’t recognize the absence of yogurt in our recipe and relish it with rice/pooris.

Saturday 8 October 2016

Navratra Kala Chana - Masala Kala Chana - Spicy Black Chickpeas

Hello foodies,

With the impending navami pooja in mind, I decided to share the recipe of kala chana, cooked along with the yummy sooji halwa and poories for the kanya pooja happening through most of north India on the 9th day of navratras or navmi as it is popularly known.

Saturday 1 October 2016

Sooji Halwa - Rawa Halwa - Suji Halwa - Semolina Halwa

Welcome to Kumkum’s Food, a journey about food and love!

Traditionally in our country, all auspicious/new beginnings/celebrations in one’s life are accompanied with the cooking of sooji halwa. It could be the start of a new married life or entry into a new home, this is the first sweet dish you are supposed to cook in your kitchen.

I too was supposed to cook this halwa on a destined day, when all the relatives and family gathered to taste the food cooked by the new bride for the first time and bestow their blessings/gifts on her. I being a complete novice was nervous beyond imagination even though there was not much pressure, but I wanted to learn and cook it the right way from the very first day ‘cause as they say “First impression is the last impression”.