Sunday, 27 November 2016

Basic Cooking - Flat Bread Dough Kneading - Flour Kneading - Aata Ghoondhna

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing the most basic and the most mundane cooking recipe ever, but something which is done day in and day out in most Indian households. Without much ado, let's get set for Flour kneading/ aata ghoondhna, something which most of us dread and something which comes naturally to most of us.

When I started cooking this was for me the most dreaded task, I didn't want to mess up my fingers and hands, which is essential to get the perfect dough.

Lets' take a look at the ingredients:
Aata/Flour: 1 cup
Salt (optional): to taste
Water: 1/2 cup
Ghee/oil (optional): 1 tsp

Step 1:
Start by adding salt and ghee to the dry flour or aata.

Step 2:
Mix them together and start adding water slowly a few teaspoons at a time. This way you would be able to control the consistency of your dough (you can make it hard/soft as per your preference).

Step 3:
Keep on repeating the step above and kneading/combining the dough with your fingers till you obtain a smooth looking dough. Keep it covered for 15 minutes before you start using the dough.

Step 4:
Your perfect dough is ready to make fluffy chapatis/rotis/paranthas.

Hope you liked this basic cooking recipe, stay tuned for more such recipes.

Bon appetite!

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