Monday 26 June 2017

Cooling Popsicles From Cold Drinks for Summers

Hello foodies,

Since my childhood I have associated popsicles with summers, and so is the case with my child. These days there are gazillion types of popsicles out there in the market, but we got a new popsicle maker from Tupperware and were hooked ontoit. We have made both healthy types of popsicles as well as fun-flavored posicles from cold drinks.

Today I am going to show you three popsicles dervied from Thumbsup, Mountain Dew and Fanta to enjoy your summers.

Monday 19 June 2017

Lunch Simplified: Masala Aloo Sabzi - Spicy Potato Recipe

Hello foodies,

Hot temperatures may sometimes tempt us not to cross over the kitchen threshold and order food from outside. Even though it is very easy to do so with all means within our reach, nothing can beat the goodness, freshness, and hygiene of home cooked food. So, let me inspire you with a picture of my weekend lunch, which took me barely 30 minutes to prepare, yet the end result was sumptuous and good-looking at the same time. 

Lunch includes, Jeera rice, Arhar Dal and Spicy Potato/Masala Aloo sabzi. I have already posted the recipes for the first two on my blog earlier.

A closeup of today's recipe (aloo sabzi):

Monday 12 June 2017

Basic Cooking: Arhar Dal - Toor Dal Recipe

Hello foodies,

I bring another simple but healthy lentil/dal recipe for you. Arhar dal is eaten throughout India in different forms, one of the most versatile lentils. It is eaten as such in north India and primarily as Sambhar in southern parts of India. Today, I am making the north Indian version of the lentil, which is very simple yet tasty and will sure bring to mind the childhood memories for most of you. So let's begin...

Monday 5 June 2017

Tinda Masala Gravy - Spicy Indian Squash Gravy Recipe

Hello foodies,

With the onset of summers in India, we get a variety of lovely fresh water containing vegetables and fruits for all of us to relish and to beat the sweltering heat. One of such popular salad vegetable is kakdi or snake cucumber. It is available throughout the northern parts of India in summer and is primarily eaten raw as salad. But today, I am sharing a savory recipe where we eat this lovely salad vegetable as a vegetable.