Thursday 26 April 2018

No Cook Vegan Dates Coconut and Seed Energy Bites - Chia Pumpkin Melon Seed Date Laddoos Recipe

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing a guilt free dessert recipe for you. The recipe needs all plant based ingredients so it is good for vegans, diabetics and in general everyone. These energy bites are full loaded with vitamins, antioxidants and all good ingredients, which are good for your health and heart. With a multitude of benefits, why look for desserts with added sugar. Kids and oldies in my home enjoy these treats daily and usually I make a batch over the weekend, so that it could be enjoyed throughtout the week or whenever craving to eat something sweet strikes. The total time you would require to make this recipe would be a maximum of 15 minutes and this includes rolling of the energy bites as well. So what are we waiting for, let's get started with the recipe.

Thursday 19 April 2018

Instant Appe - Quick Rava Appe - Colorful Capsicum Paniyaram Recipe

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing a delicious and popular recipen for kids. You can also serve it as a snack or pack it in their school lunchboxes. My kid simply loves to take appe to school and the lunch definitely comes home empty that day. Super easy to make with whatever veggies you have on hand and super nutricious and healthy as well. The low quantity of oil used makes it a favorite with seniors as well. However, the appe don't compromise either on taste or health and both of these factors make it a great food. So let's get started with making the appe...

Thursday 12 April 2018

Besani Masala Shimla Mirch - Spicy Green Capsicum with Gram Flour Recipe

Hello foodies,

Today's recipe is a very simple recipe of the humble green capsicum. Usually green capsicum is paired with potatoes/aloo, but today's version involves upgrading this humble vegetable with a dash of besan/gram flour. Not only does this besan/gram flour make the vegetable more tasty, it adds so much nuttiness and aroma to the vegetable. This humble recipe can be put together with a very few ingredients and takes very little time to prepare. Generally for me this is a recipe which I pack for my lunch when I am in a rush-rush situation.

I picked up this recipe from my newly married friend, she used roasted besan for the vegetable, whereas I have used un-roasted besan/gram flour. It takes a tad bit longer to cook than the roasted version probably. But the end result turns out to be same nonetheless. So, let's get cooking...