Thursday, 14 June 2018

5 Minute Savory Vermicelli Recipe - Jhatpat Namkeen Seviyan Recipe

Hello foodies,

Sharing a super quick and easy recipe for those busy mornings, when you have to rush the kids to school and yourself to work, vermicelli is quiet a saviour. Takes simply no prep time and very less (5 minutes max) cooking time, it provides wholesome nutrition with the addition of veggies of your choice. Not only the rush morning hours, it comes as a saviour to tackle the hunger pangs striking in the evening before dinner time. I pack vermicelli in my kiddo's lunchbox with his favorite addition of paneer. 
The recipe is so versatile that you can customize it as per your family's taste by adding in veggies of your kids choice. A few vegetables which you can add are steamed peas, grated carrots, paneer, colorful capsicum, steamed green beans, steamed sweet corn etc. So, let's get cooking...

Ingredients (you will need):
Vermicelli, roasted, 1 cup
Capsicum, chopped - 1 small
Tomato, chopped - 1 small
Salt, to taste
Ground Black Pepper, 1/4 tsp
Musturd seeds, 1 tsp
Oil/ghee, 1 tablespoon
Water, 2 cups

Cooking steps:
1. In a pan, heat some oil and splutter musturd seeds.

2. Next add in the chopped capsicum and tomato. Saute for 10 seconds.

3. Next add in the salt and pepper.

4. Next add in the roasted vermicelli.

5. Mix everything well with a light hand so as to not break the vermicelli.

6. Add in the water, the quantity of water is to be twice the quantity of vermicelli. Cover and cook for 5 minutes or till vermicelli has absorbed all the water.

7. Switch off the flame and keep the pan covered for two more minutes.

8. Fluff up the vermicelli gently using a fork and serve hot. You may add lemon juice to introduce tanginess into the vermicelli. I prefer it without lemon.

Enjoy vermicelli with your family and especially kids, they simply love this non spicy version of Indian noodles.

Do let me know your experiences of cooking vermicelli in the comments section below.

Happy Cooking!

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