Wednesday 24 June 2020

Easy Namakpara recipe | Snack for kids | 5 ingredients only

Hello foodies,

Today I am sharing a quick and easy 5 ingredient snack recipe for kids and adults alike.

Even though the snacks are fried, I will tell you of ways to reduce the amount of oil absorbed by these snacks and to keep your loved ones heart healthy.

So let's get started:

Ingredients used:
Plain flour/Maida, 1 cup
Oil/Ghee, 2 tbsp
Ajwain, 1 tsp
Salt, to taste
Water, 1/2 cup
Oil for frying

Cooking Steps:

1. Begin by taking flour in a bowl/pan and add ghee, ajwain and salt to the flour.

2. Now start mixing the added ghee, ajwain and salt to the dry flour. The mixing should be done till the flour starts to come together if squeezed in your palm.

3. Once the dry flour is rubbed sufficiently well, start adding water to the flour and knead it into a dough.

4. The dough should not be too hard or too soft, just like what we use for pooris. Cover the dough and rest it for half an hour.

5. Once the dough has rested, divide the dough into 2-3 big balls. Take one ball and roll it out into a sheet with a thickness of 1/2 mm on a greased flat surface using a rolling pin. 

6. Cut the rolled out sheet into small squares or long tubes of namakparas using a knife.

7. Heat oil till smoking point in a pan/kadai. Fry the cut namakparas on medium flame till golden brown on both sides. Take them out from the oil and place them on a kitchen towel.

Here's my recipe video:

These namakparas stay good in air tight container easily for 3-4 weeks. Enjoy with your kids and family members!!

Bon Apetit!

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