I am Kumkum Jain, a mother of an energetic 6 year old and a patent professional. I am a shopaholic and a big time makeup junkie, you can follow me at kbmworld (www.kbmworld.in). Apart from being and doing all of the above, I also love to cook.

I have been always interested in good food, my childhood days being spent with my nani (with Bengali origins), who cooked awesome Bengali delicacies for us, from Cholar dal to khichuri, to misthi doi to sandesh, the whole drill.

I saw her grinding various masala, mustard seeds being the primary ones for her day to day cooking. I still remember and yearn the taste of those freshly ground masalas, which have become so very absent from today’s fast paced lifestyle.

Yet, I could never ever cook anything (except maggi ofcourse), being the studious types and being the spoilt types. No one in my maternal/paternal home actually insisted on the same. However, everything changed when I stepped into my married life. My husband simply loved food, and as the saying goes, I learnt cooking. Initially, couldn’t fathom the head or tail of the spices, pots and pans and the various ingredients, but thanks to our increasing knowledge base called ‘internet’, I slowly started getting the hang of things.

And now after 10 years of marriage and innumerable hours spent cooking various different dishes, I think I am ready to share all that I have learnt with you. From a person hating to be in the kitchen to being a supercook (in the words of the husband himself), I have indeed come a long way. 

This blog is an honest attempt to make life easier for the shy new brides, bachelors, harried moms, and someone looking for a quick bite at night. I will try to recreate all my childhood recipes and share with you. My recipes might not be very photogenic, but one thing I can promise, they will satisfy your tastebuds for sure.

So join me in the celebrating food, the love of my life!

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